Havard, Pauline. “Canadian Orchard.” Profile: A Chapbook of Canadian Verse. 1946. Ed. Canadian Authors Association.  [Ottawa, ON]: Poetry Craft Group of the Ottawa Branch, Canadian Authors’ Association, 1946. 16.

Here’s another obscure poet whose biography remains a mystery. The only official document we have is a Canadian Passenger List from December of 1917. From it, we have determined that she was born in Canada, likely in 1914; she was living in Toronto in 1915; and she was travelling in 1917 with her mother (presumably), Dorothy Louise Havard. Dorothy was born in England and had immigrated to Canada in about 1909; she died in Victoria, BC, on 14 March 1968 (from her Death Certificate). Their destination in 1917 was not Toronto, but Fort William, Ontario.


Havard - Orchard