Woodrow, Constance Davies. “And Is It So?” Montreal Poetry Year Book (1927-28): 10.
Edited to become
Woodrow, Constance Davies.”Afterthought.” Montreal Poetry Year Book (1927-28): 10. Dedicated “Dec 12th 1928 / To Dr. W. B. Creighton.”

This copy of the Montreal Poetry Year Book was almost certainly a gift from Constance Davies Woodrow (1899-1937) to William Black Creighton (1864-1946), the father of author and historian Donald Grant Creighton (1902-1979), who was the husband of author Luella Bruce Creighton (1901-1996). William Creighton was the editor of the Christian Guardian (“Donald Creighton,” Dictionary of Canadian Biography), self-proclaimed as “Canada’s National Religious Weekly,” with a readership comparable to that of the more secular Saturday Night (R. Kenneth Carty and W. Peter Vard, eds., National Politics and Community in Canada (Vancouver, BC: U of British Columbia P, 1986) 52). William Creighton used the publication as “a vehicle for discussion of the character of the Canadian community” (Carty and Vard, 52), strongly supporting the recognition of a distinct Canadian national culture.

Our research has found no other connection between Constance Davies Woodrow and the Creighton family (although she was of an age with Donald Creighton). Such a connection would not be entirely surprising, though, given the closeness of the Canadian literary community in the 1920s and 30s.


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