Sheard, Virna. “In Solitude.” “Virna Sheard.” By Donald G. French. Canadian Bookman 12 (1930): 4.

This poem, the article tells us, is “a favorite with anthologists,” and “first appeared in Scribners’ Magazine.”

In Solitude

He is not alone whose ship is sailing
Over the mystery of an unknown sea,
From some great Love with faithfulness unfailing
Will light the stars to bear him company.

Out in the silence of the mountain passes,
The heart makes peace and liberty its own—
The wind that blows across the scented grasses
Bringing the balm of sleep—comes not alone.

Beneath the vast illimitable spaces,
Where God has set His jewels in array,
A man may pitch his tent in desert places,
Yet know that heaven is not so far away.

But in the city—in the lighted city—
Where gilded spires point towards the sky,
And fluttering rags and hunger ask for pity,
Grey Loneliness in cloth-of-gold goes by.