Rutherford, Margaret. “Youth Cries.” 1934. An Anthology of Y. C. Verse: A Volume of Selections from the Verse Contributed by the Young Co-Operators and Published in the Western Producer from 1932-1936. [Saskatoon, SK]: [Western Producer], 1937. 32.

Youth Cries

We are the living, and we wish to live
Until our ripest days are richly run;
Nor yet as offerings do we wish to give
Our broken bodies, rotting in the sun,
To God, insulting Him! So let us raise
Protesting voices over land and sea.
Death offers naught and these our earthly days
Give promise of the fuller years to be.

Our hearts throb forth–we do not want to die!
Far echo hears and thrills abroad the cry:
We wish to live and bathe ourselves in laughter,
To know what love is, in a death-free air,
We want to kiss Life’s lips, aspire, and after
We’ll trust that memories will make Death fair.