This poem is from a Christmas card prepared by E. Cora Hind in 1938. The cover has the greeting: Christmas Greetings and All Good Wishes for the New Year. The inside cover has a note from E. Cora Hind, and three short poems, one each by Christina Willey, Helen Bowen, and Edna Jaques. The card at McMaster University is signed individually in ink by E. Cora Hind. The back page has this poem by Christina Willey, complete with what well could be an autumnal image of a Manitoba wheat field (it certainly isn’t a winter scene!). So despite it being a Christmas card, I thought this poem appropriate today.

Willey - Christmas

(I cannot include the entire card, as Edna Jaques’s work is not yet out of copyright; E. Cora Hind’s and Christina Willey’s are, but we have no dates for Helen Bowen.)