The following poem was found by one of our readers, Pam, pasted onto some card stock, “very yellowed and old,” in her aunt’s effects. It speaks to the hearts of many of us bibliophiles, so we thought we would share it here.

It was reprinted in the  Inter-County Leader (14 September 2013: 41), published in Frederick, WI; but there is no other online record of it. It does not appear in her published collection of poetry, Fountain in the Square (Birmingham, AL: Banner, 1963).

Book Lover’s House

There are books by the dozen
and books by the score;
books upon shelves
and books on the floor,
books in the bedroom
and books in the hall;
books in the living room,
climbing the wall.
In cupboards and corners
no skeletons bide.
In the book lover’s house
they have nowhere to hide.

R.H. Grenville