Cameron, Maisie. “Left Alone” and “Dreams.” Creative Young Canada: Collection of Verse, Drawings and Musical Compositions by Young Canadians from Seven to Twenty Years of Age. Ed. Aletta E. Marty. Toronto: Dent, 1928. 24.

Maisie Cameron’s short poems show remarkable promise for such a young girl.  “Left Alone” was first published in the Toronto Globe when she was 8 years old, “Dreams” when she was 9.  We have a number of “Cameron’s” on our list, but no adult Maisie… perhaps she adopted a less childish name as she matured, and we will yet find her as a more mature poet in our searching…

Left Alone

I left my dollie in a corner,
And ran to get my tea,
And I just thought as I was eating,
What would become of me,
If Mother left me in a corner,
And went to get her tea?


I wonder what I’ll dream to-night,
Or if I’ll dream at all;
And I wonder what I’d play,
Or if I’d play at all,
If I were a giant boy or girl,
So large, so fierce, and tall,
I think I know what I would play,
I’d play at “Eat You All.”
I think that’s what I’ll dream to-night,
If I should dream at all.