This undated poem by Mona Gould is found in her archived papers at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Room at the University of Toronto, box 6.10.

Who Has Not Paddled by Moonlight?

Who has not paddled by moonlight
Into the light, white
Heart of silence…
Who has not followed the penciled line of a dark shore
Where a grey veil… thin as a nun’s veil
Comes down to touch the water…
Where pines stand holding their tense dark green-ness
Against the darker night,
Must search forever for the silver core
Of Beauty!—

Harsh are the shoulders of the lowering rocks
That lean their gnarled ungainly shapes
Above the shivering waters

Here is an island, peopled with ghosts
Both grave and gay;
A rickety wharf, where sailboats tied their slimness up
In other days;
Now lost forever all the echo of voices,
Moth-light, the stillness.

There is a silence where the souls kneels down
Oh very close to Beauty;
Brush shoulders with her
Paddling in the moonlight.