Arkley, Mrs. Geo. [Jane Arkley]. “Dom Pedro of Brazil.” A Book of Verse. Sherbrooke, QC: Page Printing and Binding, 1912. 10-11.

Perusing Jane Arkley’s lovely little book of poems, I saw this title and had to post it, given a family connection with Brazil.  Dom Pedro II, last Emperor of the Empire of Brazil (there were only 2, Dom Pedro I having separated from Portugal in 1822), was deposed in 1889, at the age of 63, despite his outstanding record of governing and his popularity with the people. The coup d’état was instigated by military leaders who wanted a republic instead of a monarchy, however successfully Pedro II had ruled.

Within Arkley’s volume, this poem is not alone in its political theme: other poems include (among others) two with General Gordon as the subject; “Michilimacinac”; “The British Valor,” about Trafalgar; “The Rouge and the Bleu,” about Canadian politics in the late 1800s; “The Ratepayer has a Word to Say,” not surprisingly about excessive taxation; and the obviously named “Elections”.

The volume ends with an acrostic, which I will post tomorrow, and a number of “autographs” to named individuals, none of whom are famous or can even be recognized as other obscure authors.

Arkley-Dom Pedro-sm