This undated poem by Mona Gould is found in her archived papers at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Room at the University of Toronto. Its subject matter suggests that it was written at the onset of the Second World War.

And the Waters Rose…

And the water rose
And covered the fields:
Houses floated like chips on the raging flood.
Lives were lost…
Innumerable lives.
The desolation was unspeakable.

“Read your Bible, child” said the old woman,
“Flood… and fire and pestilence…
We’ve had them all,
And if the river rises like I think she’s going to
We’ll see the Judgment Day”!

And the waters rose
And saf[sic] in anther country
High and dry on solid ground
Certain altogether conscience-less gentlemen
Plotted busily on how to pull another war
“Pfut”… like that out of a cocked hat.

“Well… Once before the Lord was driven to desperate lengths
But he had Noah, then…” said the old woman.
And the waters rose
And covered the fields!—