Espérance [Alice Maud Ardagh]. “Only an Indian Squaw.” The Week (Toronto) 31 March 1887.

This little piece of First Nations exoticising appeared as a “book” by Alice Ardagh when we were re-verifying her list of texts for our database entry. Further probing determined that it is, in fact, only a poem.

Only an Indian Squaw

Only an Indian squaw!
Brown as a berry,
Each eye an ebon star,
Each lip a cherry.
Light as the mountain-deer,
Active and agile,
Voice deep, yet sweet and clear,
Form slight and fragile.
Back from the sunburnt brow,
Thick and entwinèd,
Tresses of raven hue,
Float unconfinèd.
And though a savage belle,
Wit is not wanting—
Wondrously beautiful!
Darkly enchanting!