Wilkinson, Marguerite. “A Chant Out of Doors.” Farmer’s Advocate and Home Journal (23 June 1920).

I get a little thrill of satisfaction when an author or poet’s name pops unexpectedly out of a magazine I am reading through. Today, I was looking at a few pages in the Winnipeg-based Farmer’s Advocate and Home Journal for information about, or writings by, Jessie Turnbull McEwen. Not only did I discover that in 1927 Lillian Beynon Thomas had written an article about McEwen’s contributions to pioneering life, but that one of our authors yet to be included—Marguerite Ogden Wilkinson—had a poem published next to McEwen’s 1920 obituary. Here is that poem.

Farmer's Advocate and Home Journal 23 June 1920