Beavan cover

This hand-written acrostic is found in Emily Beavan’s album. The images are supplied by her great-great-granddaughter, Lyn Nunn, of Brisbane, Australia.

Between Lyn and the members of the CEWW team, we have managed to transcribe a large portion of the poem, but not all and likely not accurately. We are open to suggestions… Eventually, in a community effort, we hope to decipher it completely. Suggestions can be contributed in the comments area. The image is fairly high resolution, so you can download it for closer viewing. It is conceivable, given the mark between “and” (or “with…? as in “without”?] and “a name” on the final line, that this poem remained unfinished.

An Acrostic

Nurs’d in the lap of war and strife
Amidst the camp he pass’d [?] his life
Proud France, from you the Hero came
O’er all the earth to praise a name
Like the fierce [?] eagle then[?] begun
Earth saw him soar to Victory’s sun
O’h [?] too as living [?] man of Fame,
Now …what’s [?] thy glory’s and— a name.