Judge, May P. “Anagram of Vancouver.” Indian Time: The Smallest Indian Paper with the Biggest Punch. Fall [post-1951].

This journal is an interesting little article I discovered in the Mabel Payne fonds at the City of Vancouver Archives. It is a mimeographed journal of about 12 pages, with a construction paper cover on which is (poorly) copied a rather hideous drawing of Eloise Street, its editor. The immediate assumption that it was a local, relatively unimportant publication is belied by the listing of an American Editor—Howard L. La Hurreau (Shup-She)—which points to a broader distribution than its quality of production would suggest. May P. Judge, an active member of the Vancouver Poetry Society, has two poems in the journal, including this acrostic, which the journal incorrectly labels an “anagram.”

Anagram of Vancouver

Vast monument of solitude, the Sleeping Beauty lies
Athwart the blue-walled mountains, clad in snow-flecked forest gown;
No hand but Nature’s chiselled, shaped that mighty resting form,
Compiled of rugged precipice, ravine and forest knoll.
Out sea-ward, high above the wooded Capilano vale,
Unchallenged, twin peak sentinels, like British Lions couch.
Each dawn and evening light unfurls their loyal country’s flag—
Red sun, white snow, blue mountain walls, the colours of our Queen.