The following poem was included in a letter from Anne Sutherland Brooks to Mr. G.H.U. Bayley, Chairman of the Ontario Heritage Foundation, dated 17 January 1987, in which she appealed to the Foundation to place an historic plaque on the home of Isabella Valancy Crawford. In the letter, Brooks informs Mr. Bayley that “it was my great-grandfather, Samuel Rowe, first settler of Paisley, Ontario, who brought Dr. Crawford F.R.C.S. [sic] to Canada that the wilderness moght [sic] have a doctor: later, the family moved to Peterborough and then to Toronto where, hear father dead (and several of his children) the young girl [Isabella Valancy Crawford] trudged from publisher to publisher to keep her mother and herself from starving.”

Brooks closes the letter with this poem in honour of Isabella Valancy Crawford:

Retreat, my own pragmatic world,
Clamorous, harsh and bright,
Show me the peace of the strewn room,
The candle in the night,
And the mind of the maid who labored there
To give me such delight.