Moodie, Susan [Susanna]. “The Banner of England.” Amaranth 1.5 (May 1841): 151.

Many early magazines were composed of a mixture of original work and reprints from other magazines. In Canada, much of the reprinted material came from British or American sources, but not all. The following poem by Susanna Moodie was first published in Canada in Fothergill’s Palladium of British America, and Upper Canada Mercantile Advertiser (Toronto) on 24 January 1838 (during the Upper Canada Rebellion), and then in Lovell’s The Literary Garland (Montreal), from which it was taken for reprinting in the New Brunswick magazine, The Amaranth, in 1841. In “Reconstructing the Palladium of British America” (Papers of the Bibliographic Society of Canada 40.1 (2002): 7), though, Michael Peterson notes that although the poem “carried the inscription ‘For the Palladium,’ the poem was actually a slightly revised version of one she had included in Patriotic Songs (1831), a collection of seven songs with music that she co-wrote with her sister Agnes for J. Green of Soho, London, England.”

The Banner of England

Moodie-Banner of England