Arnett, L. V. Belvadere. “In Retrospect.” 1978. Manuscript.

I have mentioned at least once before how James Arnett, the grandson of Laura Vivian Belvadere Arnett, found his grandmother’s name on our blog and provided us with great deal of biographical information for our project. We are extremely grateful for such information from the public, especially the families of our authors. Mr. Arnett also sent us copies of two of his grandmother’s three chapbooks, some journals containing her work, and two of her poems in manuscript form. The following poem was written for and recited at the author’s 100th birthday party, in Powell River, BC.

In Retrospect

I sit Today in pensive mood
And scan Life’s Landscape o’er.—
I set my Easle up
And view the Canvas vast
On which I’d load from Time to Time,
With color and with brush,
Life’s Beauty and life’s Tragedy:

I see Life’s most exotic flowers
Withered by Summer Sun—
The magic of the Sylvan Wood
Blistered by finger of Flame—
The ripples of the murmuring Stream
Lost in a swelling Tide;
I see the Sunlit Meadow
Drenched in torrent of rain.
I see the Stars of Heaven
In a shroud of gathering Storm,—
I see the Morning Sunrise
Lost in the Evening Sunset.

Vast is the Canvas of Life—
Frail the Easle of Time.