Harper, Constance Ward. “The Battle Call.” Patriotic and Other Poems. Vancouver, BC: Author, 1916. 10. “In Aid of the Belgian Relief Fund”

We are looking for a book that was purportedly written by this author, entitled By Order of the Kaiser (perhaps published by Northshore Press in 1920).  One of her descendants notes in an email that it “made $850 for the Belgian war relief,” but we cannot find either a copy of the book or a reliable bibliographic reference to it. Harper’s Patriotic and Other Poems itself raised a significant amount for the Belgian Relief Fund; one genealogical website notes that it “realiz[ed] the sum of nearly five thousand francs for these unfortunate children.” Perhaps the newspaper article is referring to this book, not the unverified By Order of the Kaiser. I would love to solve this riddle…

The Battle Call

Harper-Battle Call