MacDonald, Helen C. “The Last Man.” The Crucible (Autumn 1936): 10.

One of the joys of running this blog, or working on the CEWW project, is connecting with people through the works of our authors. A few months ago, James Arnett, the grandson of one of our authors, Laura Vivian Belvadere Arnett, found his grandmother’s name on our blog, and contacted us. He recently sent a collection of papers, published and handwritten, from his grandmother. One of the publications was the Autumn 1939 volume of The Crucible, a “little magazine” of “Fiction, Articles, Poems by Canadian Writers” edited by two other of our authors, sisters Hilda and Laura Ridley. Today’s poem is from that volume, but I have also scanned in the complete journal, and posted it as one of the pages on this website.

The Crucible (Autumn 1936): 10.