Monkman, F. Robina. “Close in Our Caverned Fastness.” The Crucible (Autumn 1936): 3.

This poem was first published in The Crucible (edited by Hilda and Laura Ridley) as a part of the poetic narrative “Poets in Paradise,” ostensibly by “Pedagogue” (Muriel L. Jenkins. The dialogue is between “Pedagogue,” “The Duchess” (Verna Loveday Harden, which is another pseudonym, for Verna Bessie Bentley), “The Classical Kid” (F. Robina Monkman), and “The-Smartest-of-them-all” (Jenkins’s father). “Leaping Lena” (unidentified, but not a poet and likely Jenkins’s mother), plays a small, silent role. The scene is “Poets’ Paradise,” a cabin in the woods by a lake where the four poets spend their holiday sharing poems and peaceful repose. It is a delightful short narrative, and includes snippets of poetry from previously published work: Monkman’s “Close in Our Caverned Fastness” is the only original piece in the narrative.

Close in Our Caverned Fastness

The Crucible (Autumn 1936): 3.