Another enigma… Audrey MacLeod published Faggots for the Fire with Macmillan in Toronto in 1933. She does not appear in our SFU database, because we can find no biographical information about her. Our yellowing notes have Walkerton, Ontario, as her place of residence in 1933, as well as New York City with no date assigned. She was apparently a speaker at events in New York in 1931 and 1932, but that is all we have. Her poems are under-signed with the following: “Little Church Around the Corner, New York,” “Tempered ‘Neath an Alien Roof, New York City” (which might suggest she was not American), “St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City,” “Ridgewood, N.J., Where Oak Trees Are,” “Grand Central Station, New York City,” “October, New Canaan, Conn.,” “On-the-Hudson, at Harmon,” “Georgian Bay, Canada,” “Round about Storm King Mountain, On-the-Hudson,” “‘Sacre Coeur’, Montmartrê, Paris” [sic], “‘Flower Show’, New York City,” “Park East Hospital, New York City,”  “To Gertrude Wilkes, Havergal College, Toronto,” “From a Pullman Window,” “In England,” “In the Cathedral, At Chartre, in France” [sic], and “British West Indies.”

“Bliss Carman” was written after the author did in fact spend time visiting with Carman at his home (“Sunshine House”) in New Canaan, Connecticut, where he had “spent at least part of every year since 1897” (DCB). MacLeod’s collection was published in 1933; Carman died in in New Canaan in June of 1929, so this meeting of poets would have been earlier, but still towards the end of life for “the bard who was growing old.”

Bliss Carman