Douglas, Betty. “Unaware.” 1933. An Anthology of Y. C. Verse: A Volume of Selections from the Verse Contributed by the Young Co-Operators and Published in the Western Producer from 1932-1936. [Saskatoon, SK]: [Western Producer], 1937. 21.

Betty Douglas was chosen as the Young Co-operators’ Club Poet Laureate for the 1932-1933 season.


She did not know the lovely feel
Of lacy things,
She did not know the human soul
Could borrow wings.
She had not heard the silken sigh
Of growing corn,
Nor cradled in her arms a life
Just newly born.
Unknown to her the gentle touch
Of friendly hands,
Unknown the tender tone of one
Who understands.
To her life was a bitter art
That all must learn.
A narrow path where each must walk
And never turn.