Wright, Alice E. “Karma.” In Comfort and Other Poems. Toronto: Goodchild, 1924.

Forgiving the problems in punctuation, and the occasional wrong word, the following poem is interesting in its titular reference to Eastern theology by an author who is consistently, conservatively Christian in all the other poems in the volume.


Oh yes t’will all come right,
   Heed not the bitter pain,
Thy soul within thee knows full well,
   That life is not in vain.

Somewhere a task undone,
   Sometime a thought unblest,
Was carried on the wings of time,
   And left a sad unrest.

Which now thy soul doth fill,
   With much that brings to thee,
Shadows, where brightness might have been,
   Still through the gloom thou’ll see.

A gleam from out the dark,
   Seeking to pierce the soul,
At last will shed a perfect light,
   To lead thee to thy goal.

So do not shrink the task,
   Nor heed the pruning knife,
Be strong, and then thy soul shall learn,
   The reason for thy life.