Croft, Melba M. [Melba Morris].  “Rain.” Reflections (Owen Sound, ON: Austin Graphics, 1998). 23.

We were sent this poem by the author’s daughter, along with a number of photos of her mother and family, one of which heads the author’s entry in our SFU database.


I had forgotten just how warm a rain could be,
how fragrant as it caressed red rose or lilac tree.
I had forgotten pastel ribbons in the sky,
the magic of greening grass, the robin’s plaintive cry.

I had forgotten wading, too, close to the curb,
watching torrents your frail leaf-boat, and flowers, disturb.
I had forgotten how we laughed, out in the rain,
and showed (as children do, for clothes) a fine disdain.

I had forgotten how the rain curled up your hair
and kissed each freckle on your nose, (I wouldn’t dare!)
I had forgotten until now, my loneliness,
Your sudden smile, your love of life, your tenderness…