Croft, Melba M. [Melba Morris]. “Moon Magic.” Reflections (Owen Sound, ON: Austin Graphics, 1998). 23.

We were sent this poem by the author’s daughter, along with a number of photos of her mother and family, one of which heads the author’s entry in our SFU database.

Moon Magic

The night was crystal cold; grey clouds hung low though
stars were twinkling through like signal lamps: A night for
breathing deep, for walking far. If one communed with
God, this was the time.  Black towering trees leered down
at me, a mortal lacking all their earthy might.  And I felt
much alone and sore afraid of this great globe, with me so
insecurely edged.

Still, as I watched, wind tugged against the clouds that
veiled the miracle beyond; and silently. against a drop of
velvet blue, all silver-starred, in magic mystic loveliness, a
shy and adolescent moon posed, curved and new.