Lazeczko [sic], Myra. “Spring.” Winnipeg Free Press (13 May 1939): 6.

I have not fixed the typo in this author’s name, as it may be a variant, or even the correct, spelling. I have, however, fixed the spelling mistake (“esctasy” for “ecstasy”) in the actual poem.


There is no welcome, though you call
At my heart’s door,
This is the sacred dwelling of
Who was before.

Spring, if you come again to me,
And time to heal.
This be the tomb, here is the cross,
And here, Love’s seal.

Lift me up to the sun, that I
Might feel God’s breath;
This is the end; and I am glad,
Come, quiet death.

I want but tranquil ecstasy,
And tears that bless…
Spring, if you come again
Bring back forgetfulness.