Barbour, Constance. “These Have Been Mine.” “The Poet’s Circle.” Winnipeg Free Press (13 May 1939): 6.

One little piece of information is all it takes, sometimes, to unlock the mysteries of an author’s life.  Our new student assistant, Andrew, discovered that Katharine Constance Barbour (1916-1960) was sister to Sheila Barbour (1920-1943), another poet whose work I have posted here. From that, we have discovered that there were at least 3 daughters, and Constance had a twin brother, John; she was married to Melvin William Holbein of Ottawa, with whom she had three children; and she died in April 1960. If anyone knows more, though, we would be pleased to hear from you!

These Have Been Mine

These have been mine for many years: the cool
And colored light of skies, upon a pool
Of rain, the gold of buttercups so small,
Bluebells, and every timid flower that always
Leans upon the reassuring ground.
Swift joy in facets of the dew I’ve found;
And pleasure in the calm, moon-guarded night of spring,
Clear morning sunshine on the upward curving of a wing.
These have been mine, I wonder when I claim
The peace of Heaven, through my Savior’s name
Will I remember them, the cherub’s hair
Perhaps when blown to wind-tossed gold, will there
Remind me of the buttercups I know,
And pebbles by the river gleam like dew
And angel’s pearl-face when outlined dimly on
A sapphire wall, may seem the light that from our night skies shone.