Donaldson, Elizabeth. “Sea Sand.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 2.3 (1937): 40.

Now that we know her identity, I am wondering about Elizabeth Donaldson’s education. She certainly had a fascination for the physical sciences: geology, astronomy, meteorology…

Sea Sand

Crushed by the footsteps of a million years,
These yellow sands yield slowly to the dust,
They that had once beneath the shining spheres
Shaped granite mountains on the earth’s bare crust.
Molten were they, in chaos wildly torn,
Throughout the travail of a world new-born.

And now the great waves wash their pebbled thrones,
Leaving no record of the ageless past,
They lie quiescent in their sheltered zones
Beneath the turbulence of waters vast.
They know the forces of the winds unfurled,
And tides that sweep the shore-lines of the world.