Donaldson, Elizabeth. “The Progress of Time.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 2.4 (1938): 34.

Another fugitive poem by Elizabeth Donaldson! I will keep looking for more…

The Progress of Time

Nor scroll, nor calendar has marked the reign
Of aeons, through that pageantry of time
When primal chaos staged its pantomime,
Moulding new worlds, storming the solar plain;
When woven through the universe, a chain
Bound force and matter in a law sublime;
Then like an ode set to majestic rhyme
The march of evolution found refrain.

From nebula to planet, change on change;
The dateless records marked their ordered plan.
Then man, ephemeral, his reign began;
His life a cosmic instant, his decree
The passing sequence of a drama strange,
Where birth and death vie for supremacy.