Wood, Audrey St. Denys. “Symphony.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 1.1 (1936): 19-20.

I have searched, but found no biographical information about this author, and only a few poems…


In the crisp, staccato tap
Of silver points of rain on coloured roofs;
In the long, lingering lines of vapour
Twining about the valley floor
After the fog has slipped away,
A lean grey wolf,
To crouch beneath the hill
And wait the coming night.

In the blue-etched tracery of trees—
November trees,
Against the granite sky;
In the thundering crash of the warrior waves
On the gallant rock,
And the rustling sibilant sound
Of their vanquished sigh.

In the shrill, ceaseless hum
Of the frogs, on a perfumed night,
When the moon is away
And a gay confetti of stars
Swirl through the velvet sky
In a pattern of light.