Donaldson, Elizabeth. “The Old Mirror.” Canadian Poetry Magazine 1.2 (1936): 39.

It is likely that this is the same poem (“Old Mirror”) that Donaldson published in Canadian Bookman 17.3 (1935), which we have a reference to. I am waiting for the volume to arrive through the wonderful system of inter-library loans… It will be interesting to see how—if—the poem has been altered in the year between printings.

The Old Mirror

To-day across the argent of its face
A shining vision, transient in its flight
Peered through the crystal with unerring sight,
And in the tenure of a golden space
Enwrapped my soul within its warm embrace,
Then did I see and sense in sheer delight
Familiar forms and faces, grave and bright,
Portrayed anew within this cloistered place.

And thus I thought, if light can pass and sound
Uncircumscribed across an ether sea,
So in this unseen universe may be
The spirit forms of those we cherished here,
For when our hearts with yearning grow profound
The presence of their love draws strangely near.