Curzon, Sarah Ann. “The Loyalists.” “Canadian Poetry.” By John A. Cooper. National Review 29 (1897): 375.

This poem was reprinted in an article written by John A. Cooper, editor of the Canadian Magazine, in the National Review (New York and London) 1897.  The article includes a few of the well-known female poets of the time, namely Mary Jane Katzman Lawson, Sarah Ann Curzon, Jean Blewett, Susan Frances Harrison, E. Pauline Johnson, Elizabeth Susan MacLeod, and Agnes Maule Machar.

The Loyalists

O ye, who with your blood and sweat
   Watered the furrows of this land,–
See whereupon a nation’s brow,
   In honour’s front, ye proudly stand!

Who for her pride abased your won,
   And gladly on her altar laid
All bounty of the older world,
   All memories that your glory made.

And to her service bowed your strength,
   Took labour for your shield and crest;
See where upon a nation’s brow,
   Her diadem, ye proudly rest!