Benton, Margaret Peake. “Burst Forth, O Flowers!” Creative Young Canada: Collection of Verse, Drawings and Musical Compositions by Young Canadians from Seven to Twenty Years of Age. Ed. Aletta E. Marty. Toronto: Dent, 1928. 61.

This poem was first published in the “Circle of Young Canada” section of the Toronto Globe when Margaret Peake Benton was 12 years old. Benton is one of the more prolific contributors to this collection, with 5 poems. Of the 53 contributors, only Mona McTavish (who became the journalist and radio personality Mona Gould) had more, with 7.

Burst Forth, O Flowers!

Burst forth, O leaf buds green,
While showers come down to kiss you,
The sun will surely miss you,
Come out! Be seen.

Come out, O pretty flowers,
With breezes to caress you,
And God’s own love to bless you,
With sun and showers.