Steiner, Florence B. “A Chip Of the Old Block.” Christmas Knapsack. Ed. Nan Moulton. Illust. R. A. Gordon. Winnipeg, MB: Canadian Women’s Press Club, 1914. 26.

This collection of poetry, verse, stories, and non-fiction articles was produced in the autumn of 1914 in support of the Canadian troops fighting (or waiting to be sent to fight) in Europe. At the time of its production, many still believed that the lads would be home for Christmas, but history told another story. The introduction, provided by Nan Moulton, the President of the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Women’s Press Club, speaks to the level of patriotic support that Canadians felt at the time:
“At this time of national stress, when organizations and individuals are helping as far as in them lies, the Press women of Winnipeg felt that in the gift of their own work, lay their way of distinctive service as a Club. This gift has taken the form of the present magazine, the stories, verses, and articles in its pages being contributions from members of the Press Club. …” Nan Moulton, President, Winnipeg Branch, C.W.P.C.”

A Chip Off the Old Block