Beresford, Mary A. “Our Little Life.” Dalhousie Review 4 (1924): 192.

“Our Little Life” won second prize in the Dennis Verse Competition for Dalhousie students in 1924, earning Molly Beresford $100; the online CPI Inflation calculator notes that this prize would amount to $1,322.98 today.

Molly Beresford was one of “The Song Fishermen,” a group of Atlantic Canadian poets in the mid to late 1920s who banded together to share and publish their poetry.

Our Little Life

Forth in the golden dawn my lady goes,
Frail as a blossom delicate and rare,
Crowning her beauty with a wild white rose—
Herself than rose more fair.

No Paladin wants she; proudly alone,
Singing she goes, with eager eyes afire,
Seeking to win wide kingdoms for her own
Is all her high desire.

*   *   *

See in the dusk my lady homeward creep,
Nor any captives in her train hath she
Save bitter loneliness, and sorrow deep,
And sleepless memory.

Tired eyes look out through coronals of tears,
Silent is she—weary her step and slow,
A lily spent and broken with the years,
Her proud head drooping low.

*   *   *

“Ah, sweet my lady”, one there is who saith
“Nor further seek nor strive—long fought and won
Thy kingdom lieth here, and easeful death
Shall lead thee to life’s crown.”