Broder, Annie Glen. “War Christmas.” In The Unsilenced Song: Sonnets of the War and After. Calgary, AB: Author, 1918. 13. Chapbook.

This is from the only poetry Annie Glen Broder published in book form. Although she contributed poetry to the Calgary Herald and other newspapers, her fame rested far more solidly on her musical abilities. In addition to being an accomplished accompanist, she was the musical reviewer for the Calgary Herald for over 25 years, and is held to be largely responsible for bringing the Arts to Calgary in the early years of the last century.

War Christmas

O happy ye whom hearth and home invite
To Christmas joys afar from scenes of war
Where many thousand helpless wanderers are
Banished from home, bereft of all delight
With scanty shelter or in cruel plight
Of cold and hunger, robbed of all their store.
Yet blest are they, the Lord whom ye adore
Sounded of the world’s woe the depth and height.
Homeless the Christchild came, and homeless plied
His ministry of love, till lifted high
He drew the hearts of men to their eternal goal
And down the ages moves His friends beside,
Swifter than mother at her infant’s cry
His loving arms enfold the fainting soul.