Hussey, Phyllis. “Beyond.” 1933. An Anthology of Y. C. Verse: A Volume of Selections from the Verse Contributed by the Young Co-Operators and Published in the Western Producer from 1932-1936. [Saskatoon, SK]: [Western Producer], 1937. 30.


Beyond that Westward sloping hill
Is a trail that has oft been trod,
And that trail lead on through a coulee green
And a deep ravine where the sunflowers lean
   Towards the great sun god.

Beyond that brightly sunlit vale
Is a westward turn in the road,
And that road goes on o’er the prairie wide
By a river side where the eagles cried,
   And where the Indians rode.

And on over mountains winding steep
May still that path be found,
And to follow all those winding turns
My wild heart burns while my spirit yearns
   And longs to go—beyond!