Gould, Mona. “I Run With the Fox.” Poems for the Interim: A Selection of Twenty-four Poems by Nineteen Canadian Authors Published during 1945-46 in “Saturday Night.” Toronto: Consolidated, 1946. n.p.

I Run With the Fox

Better to be proud—and hunted—
Than to ride with the pink coats.

Better than the smell of warm blood after a quick kill,
Bitter, and bright, the scent of hidden fern.

Though the heart fail in the panting side
And the eye be clouded with straining after the deep copse,
Still there is thrill in flight.
Soft are the oak leaves
Under the swift feet.
Sweet are the distant notes of the hunter’s horn
And the hounds baying!
Sweet, to the trembling ears of the hidden, and hunted!
I run with the fox!