Brandow, Mabel. “Milking Song.” 1932. An Anthology of Y. C. Verse: A Volume of Selections from the Verse Contributed by the Young Co-Operators and Published in the Western Producer from 1932-1936. [Saskatoon, SK]: [Western Producer], 1937. 15.

Yes, truly, this is a Saskatchewan poem!
The collection is actually fascinating in this, that the poems are all grounded in the land (as it were); even when the ideas the express are universal and more metaphysical, the imagery is decidedly rural and often beautifully effective. I will post some of the more powerful poems soon.

Milking Song

So, bossy, so!
Be quiet, do!
I’m milking you,
Be quiet, do!

Out, flies, away,
Keep off, I say!
I wish that tail
A mile away!

Keep your foot still.
I swear you will
Make an awful spill,
So do be still.

So, bossy, so!
Be quiet, do!
So, bossy, so,
I’m milking you!