Donahue, Gladys Knox. “The Nancy.” A New Canadian Anthology. Ed. Alan Creighton and Hilda M. Ridley. Toronto: Crucible, 1938. 63.

For all you Stan Rogers fans out there… or just aficionados of Canadian military history…
This poem was written in honour of the raising of The Nancy from the sandbanks of the Nottawasaga River in 1927. But note from the linked Youtube video about the destruction of The Nancy the significant error in Donahue’s history: far from being mere observers of the War of 1812, the Aboriginal people of Canada were instrumental in our success.

The Nancy

British Schooner, sunk in the Nottawasaga River during the war 1812-1814.

O sturdy little ship! Long years ago
Your cannon hurled destruction at the foe
Whilst, hid by spruce and pine on yonder shore,
The redskin watched, amazed, the White Man’s war.

Now, from its grave they’ve raised your sodden hulk
Scarce eighty feet in length—of meager bulk—
And tourists smirk: “How we’ve progressed since then!”
(Yes, Dreadnaughts do annihilate more men!)