St. Denys Wood, Audrey. “Cold Cobwebs.” Victoria Poetry Chapbook: A Year Book of the Poetry Group of the Canadian Authors’ Association. Ed. Alan Crawley. Victoria, BC: Canadian Authors’ Association, 1936. 14.

Audrey St. Denys Wood is another enigma… she appears in anthologies every once in a while, and we know she lived in Victoria, BC, in the early 1900s, but other than that, we can find no information.  She does not appear in governmental documents online, or anywhere else online, as far as we can tell.

Cold Cobwebs

… and we stood by the door…
 … remember?
  It was open.
   with all the soft
    seductive night beyond;
     between us a pulse throbbed,
      strong and swift,
       and the taut
        sweet moments trailed,
         like honey-laden bees.
          These things were ours,
           but mine alone
            to hear the sudden
             vague unquiet in the garden:
              to feel
               the sea-mist, like cold
                 Winding about my