Grey, Margery Berridge. “To a Skylark.” The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse. Ed. Wilfred Campbell. Toronto: Oxford UP, 1913. 297.

I have included this poem, even though it appears in so prestigious a publication as The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse, because it is the only reference to this author I have found to date. To be in this text, though, she must have been more well known in the early years of the 20th century than the dearth of information suggests. On the other hand, this poem at least does not present the most imaginative of topics or intricate of poetic structures or rhyme schemes…

To a Skylark

When with crimson tints and rare
Phoebus paints the world so fair,
Then, thou morning minstrel, rise;
Flood with melody the skies!

When the dawn’s gates ope again,
Swell thy tuneful throat! oh! then
Serenade the silver stars,
Peeping through the morn’s pale bars.

When the azure mists of night
Flee before the morning light,
Pour forth harmony above,
And softly wake my sleeping love!