Sydney Martin.” “Unrealized.” “Young Authors’ Section: Poet’s Corner.” Winnipeg Free Press (28 Jan. 1939) 6.

Another contribution to the Winnipeg Free Press Young Authors’ Section, established to publish “contributions by young people from the age of 13 years and upwards.” A remarkable number of later-to-be well-known poets started their days in these pages.

Of this poem, Poet’s Corner editor W.E.I. said: “We like Sydney’s clear and quiet lines of dream-song. Something—some light, some landscape, some panorama we cannot explain—lingers in our minds after we finish reading her poem, and we read it again in an effort to recapture this scape of Dreamland.”


One day for freedom
Underneath the sky,
Though the hours crowd by.
One day for wonder
Between night and morn,
One day for faring
Wither dreams are borne.
One day for finding
Beauty e’re it die,
One day—in which to find
Sunlight, and rain, and wind.

One day for losing
Bitter memories,
One day for going
Where the spirit please.
One day for having
What will soon be lost,
One day for drifting
As the leaves are tossed.
One day for finding
Fairer fantasies,
Oh! for some coming day
To spirit sense away.