[Waldman, Marian.] “Lady of the Night.” “Young Authors’ Section: Poet’s Corner.” Winnipeg Free Press (21 Jan. 1939) 6.

Another contribution to the Winnipeg Free Press Young Authors’ Section, established to publish “contributions by young people from the age of 13 years and upwards.” A remarkable number of later-to-be well-known poets started their days in these pages.

Lady of the Night

Beside our house two white topped mounds keep silent guard always,
And in the valley ‘tween the two a laughing streamlet plays;
I love it in the daytime—it springs and bubbles so,
And playful winds its surface calm will lightly blow—
But more I love it when the night is bright with fire-glow.

From the shores of the mystic rivulet a lovely lady glides—
Her body gowned in moonbeams, her hair back-swept by tides,
While in her bosom silver-clad a glorious starlet hides.

I know you would not see her there, and yet somehow, I think
When you and I long since have broke the life-stream’s fragile link,
My lonely lady still will sing upon the river’s brink.