Muchall, M. E. “Only a Baby Gone!” Canadian Monthly 10 (Oct. 1876) 310.

Mary E. Muchall was the daughter of Catharine Parr Traill, author of The Backwoods of Canada (1836), The Female Emigrant’s Guide (1854), Canadian Wild Flowers (1865), Studies of Plant Life in Canada (1885), and Canada’s first novel for children, Canadian Crusoes (1851). Muchall was also thus the niece of Susanna Moodie, author of the fairly well-known immigrant text Roughing It in the Bush (1852).

“Only a Baby Gone!”

Only a little empty cot
Where baby was laid to sleep;
But sore is my heart when I see it now,
And what can I do but weep?

Only a soiled and broken toy,
She used in her baby play;
I cannot bear to see it now,
Let it be hidden away.

And here lies another thing,
Recalling he sunny past;
Only a scarlet coral chain,
Her hands have so often claspt.

Only a baby’s smile
Is missed in our home to-day;
And the sound of her pattering feet,
And her rippling laugh at play.

Only a baby gone?
Only the loss of these?
but when will our home seem bright again?
Oh, when will our hearts find ease?

Just when faith can behold
Our baby from sin set free;
Forever safe in the far off fold,
Ont he shores of the crystal sea.