“Sydney Martin.” “The White Moth.” “Young Authors’ Section: Poet’s Corner.” Winnipeg Free Press (21 January 1939) 6.

The Young Authors’ Page was established “for contributions by young people from the age of 13 years and upwards.” A remarkable number of later-to-be well-known poets started their days in these pages. I will be posting a number of their contributions over the next few weeks.

The White Moth

Against my brow a white moth flew,
Sweeping my cheek with its wing,
And close against my hair I felt
Its shadow cling;
And it quivered round about me
Like a spirit in the night;
I stood still with loathing till it
Passed from my sight.

Once from the shadows of my mind,
Revealing its depths to me,
Against my heart there flew again a memory;
I felt as though against my face
Swept the white moth’s ghostly wings,
I shivered with remembering forgotten things.

–By Sydney Martin, Winnipeg