Haynes, Laura Nixon.  “Dead Leaves.” A New Canadian Anthology. Ed. Alan Creighton and Hilda M. Ridley.  Toronto: Crucible, 1938. 88.

Dead Leaves

Here on the cold damp earth we lie
Beneath the grey November sky;

Dull and unbeautiful we sleep
All huddled in a common heap;

The gorgeous hues that once we wore,
Scarlet, and yellow, are no more;

Left to decay, our only worth
But to enrich our natal earth.

Perchance some hardy pioneer,
Like us unnoticed, slumbers here;

His youthful dreams, adventures bold,
Forgotten as a tale long told;

His toil, by which a nation grew,
By careless heirs, forgotten too;

To serve his land his strength he gave,
And sleeps in an untended grave.