While the date of this poem is 1979, the author was first published as a poet in the 1920s.

Rowley, Beatrice C. “The Bear at Camp.” Who Owns the Earth? Ed. Theresa M. Ford.  Edmonton, AB: Alberta Education, 1979.  67.

Fumbling and sniffling at the discard pile
He came by cover of the autumn dark
To see what he might rummage to his taste
And by such insolence became the mark
Of outraged hoots and cries, and one well-flung
Indignant boot. We did not see eyes,
But from his blundering and swift retreat
Imagined they were widened with surprise.

These woods are his. Have been for how long now?
Too long to count at least, if bears could count.
And what are we queer creatures doing here,
Loading among his ferns, beside his fount
Of crimson berries, with our alien smell
Polluting earth’s sweet, mouldy, wild perfume?
It needs some higher court here to decide
Exactly who is trespassing on whom.